Your dissertation is finished and you lack a thorough overview? Let us proofread your thesis!

The thesis is perhaps the most important academic work that you will undertake in the course of your studies. It is therefore all the more important that you submit a job that is not only flawless, but is also plagiarism-free, original and unique. Our experienced editors will be happy to take on this stage of your dissertation – after all, another eye is very often capable of seeing much more than an individual who has written a text himself.

What services are covered in the editing of a dissertation?

Much like our ghostwriters who assist you in working out your thesis in many ways, our professional editors also usually possess at least one academic qualification. Years of experience in the field of academic work guarantees our highly qualified handling of academic texts such as dissertations and PhDs. Our proofreading service covers different services for which your dissertation may need some final polishing: From the purely orthographic correction of your work through academic proofreading to checking for plagiarism, we are your partner in matters of verification of your dissertation. Should one of the chapters deviate too much from another in terms of content or style throughout the rest of the work, we can also assume the rewriting of the respective sections. The optimization of graphics and tables and formatting your dissertation according to your departmental guidelines completes our service. You also want a particularly attractive layout for your dissertation? Just ask us – we’re happy to accommodate!

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

While editing is a comprehensive review of your dissertation, proofreading covers only a small part. Proofreading is right choice for you if your thesis has already been completed and you are very secure in your writing style, terminology and content. As part of the proofreading, we correct errors in the areas of orthography (spelling), grammar, syntax (sentence structure) and punctuation. Proofreading your dissertation does not include correction of stylistic inaccuracies, structural errors and expressions.

In editing, however, we focus on stylistic improvements and also provide you with detailed feedback on possible pitfalls such as missing transitions or content inconsistencies. In addition, we review the outline and structure of your dissertation and indicate any shortcomings of logical transitions and connections, or citation errors. Optionally, we can verify your thesis for any instances of plagiarism – with us at your side, you can be sure your thesis meets all content-related and formal requirements, ensuring that you can write your name on your dissertation with a clear conscience.

How does the editing of a dissertation work?

If you have already hired us at the outset of writing your thesis, editing is an integral part of the timetable established at the beginning of cooperation. But even if you only happen to contact us once you have completed research and paperwork, we are still the right partner for you. We consider it of the utmost importance that you submit your thesis within the deadline set by your university. Although things have to go fast because time is short, our editors are available to you and upon request will edit your dissertation with special priority.

You decide yourself what’s the best time to contact us with the proofreading of your dissertation. The sooner we can become involved in learning about your topic, the more personally and intensely we can support your work. For example, our editors can proofread the first chapter even while you are still writing the dissertation and not only return corrected and verified texts, but also provide valuable suggestions for content ideas for the further chapters you are working on. In this way, we can integrate the process of editing at the development stage. Of course, you can also completely write your dissertation and then turn over the entire package to our editors afterwards. In addition to the proofreading that is undertaken as part of our editing, our editors will primarily conduct stylistic improvements as well. Finally, an eloquent manner of expression on a high scholarly level casts a positive light on your best academic abilities and in addition to the results, lends your research a mental complexity that clearly distinguishes it from others. Our editors are very careful that your dissertation demonstrates a flowing style that does justice to your area of research and instills the work with the necessary stylistic final refinements.

If our editors encounter inconsistencies in content or unclear aspects in the line of argumentation during editing, they will outline this for you and provide comprehensive feedback. Sometimes, the common thread between chapters can go astray – we’ll help you restore it and connect the individual sections of your dissertation in terms of content. After you have received your dissertation back from us, you have the opportunity to review the improvements and comments and personalize your dissertation. If you have any questions, our editors are of course available at any time and help you lend the work a personal touch.