In marketing, it’s all about opportunities, goals and strategies. Let us write your marketing thesis!

General information on Marketing Studies

The study of marketing revolves around business processes. The closeness of the content to Business Administration and Finance provides an interdisciplinary curriculum. Many exciting professions are available to those who graduate successfully. Marketing studies is an extremely versatile realm of learning. At some universities it is offered as a discipline of Business Administration (BWL) or economics (VWL), but some universities also have a stand-alone program in the courses on offer specializing in marketing processes. In the private sector, marketing primarily serves the marketing of products or services that were previously purchased and produced. In addition to business and economics, in the first semesters students learn about basic knowledge in the areas of business law, accounting, word processing and spreadsheets. In later semesters, specialization in different areas is possible. These include market research, communications management and public relations.

In the course of study, many universities provide one or more internships. Here, students should apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in relation to the practical work in the field of marketing. A successfully completed thesis will pave the way in a variety of professions in many industries. Possible careers for graduates in the subject of marketing include product managers, market researchers or media planners.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

In the marketing field, similar to job prospects, thesis topics are plentiful. Depending on what kind of job you want to take after your studies, you should choose the thesis topic so that you can apply in a matching area of companies after graduation. Since the marketing is offered at many universities as two-stage Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program, time constraints have risen sharply for students in this and many other subjects. In addition, many final projects in ​​marketing not only require theoretical elaboration of a question, but also a practical part, which can be done in a company or in an agency. Possible topics include the design and implementation of market analysis, the development of a marketing strategy or the development of an advertising campaign for a product.

If you entrust us with the production of your thesis, we provide you with an experienced ghostwriter who will come alongside that not only has a long academic experience, but also can help apply his practical knowledge from professional practice and incorporate it in your work. Marketing, whether in print or online, is constantly changing, as new trends and innovations affect products and companies. Our writers know the latest developments in the market and are also familiar with recent academic publications. Once you have determined your topic, we will narrow down the central question with you. We then start with an intensive literature review and develop a first working hypotheses, which later serves as a basis for structuring your work. In close consultation with you, we develop the preliminary structure of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. We regularly adjust this to your findings from the practical work in the company. If your work in the company leaves you little time for written elaboration of your thesis, our authors assume both the writing, editing and formatting for you. Of course, we work on your thesis under the highest safeguard of confidentiality and data protection.

Tips for a successful marketing thesis

If you want to write your marketing thesis in a company or an agency, we recommend that you spend time early on dealing with the topic search. Usually, companies identify thesis topics that are important for the company, both in terms of economic and commercial interests. The sooner you apply for a place for your thesis, the greater the likelihood that you will receive a topic that is personally of interest to you. During the practical phase in the company, make sure to demonstrate motivation and commitment – if you make a good impression in the company, it usually paves the way for entry into the profession.

If you aspire to a career in research, you should choose a theoretical topic for your thesis. Get in touch with the lecturer that want to be a mentor for your academic career, and suggest your own topic or show interest in one of the topics presented by the faculty. In general, most teachers are open to their students’ suggestions for topics and evaluate personal initiative positively. Even while we are working on your thesis, it is recommended to regularly pay a visit to your lecturer. The advice you receive there should also be implemented in the work.