Economists examine economic relationships. We can support you in your academic work in economics!

General information on studying Economics

Large economies and economic relationships and processes are the focus of Economics. From the urban municipality to the world economy, all is subject to numerous economic influences. In general, the study of economics is offered as a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program. Often, business-oriented courses have English names, such as “European Economics”, and are aligned from the outset to the research of international relations, which go well beyond German or even European borders. At most universities, the economics degree is subject to limited admission in two areas. In addition to a fundamental interest for the world economy and world politics, students should also possess a basic knowledge in mathematics, because statistics and empirical analysis play an important role in the study of economics. In the first semesters, basic subjects such as business administration, micro and macroeconomics, accounting, and financial policies are on the timetable. In later semesters, students can specialize in different areas such as finance, marketing, monetary and economic policy or foreign trade.

A successful degree in Economics offers graduates a variety of career opportunities. A classic example is entry into a private company, where economists assume organizational tasks or marketing. In addition to activity in human resources or accounting, it is also possible to work as a consultant and to support companies in economic issues.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

The economy is a complex field, in which many other sciences play a crucial role. Not only must students master mathematical formulas and statistical working methods, they should also recognize influences from the realms of sociology, political science or business administration and should then be able to put this knowledge to use in the context of economic processes. Although the students attend seminars on all relevant topics in the course of their studies, for many, the interdisciplinary connections required make this realm of academia particularly difficult. Our ghostwriters deal daily with academic and economic issues and can provide valuable assistance to you in creating your bachelor’s or master’s thesis in many ways. Our writers are trained in elaboration of complex relationships and are well acquainted with the literature. They deal regularly with analytical and statistical methods of work, so they can provide a lot of great insights in this area. In addition, our authors not only speak fluent English, but in most cases at least one other language as well, and can use the literature in the respective original language for inclusion in your thesis research.

Together with you, we connect your bachelor’s or master’s topic to a central question and elaborate first working hypotheses. Then we start a comprehensive literature review on the basis of relevant bibliographies. Step by step we will guide you through the production process of the final paper and fill gaps in areas where you perhaps do not have the time to dedicate to the thesis or want to rely on the expertise of our authors. With our ghostwriters, you get exactly the support that you need, ranging from conduction the literature research to the actual writing of the paper to the subsequent editing and formatting. We can assume individual tasks, tailored to your needs, so you can concentrate on the essentials and can advance your studies.

Tips for a successful conclusion of a thesis in Economic Sciences

To complete your economic sciences degree, you need to look at the structure of economic life and the economic contexts within the global economy. Not only the serious pursuit of economic subjects while studying, but also a wisely chosen topic for your Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis can help you make a great start in the working world. If you would like to work abroad, you should also plan a semester or year abroad while studying. Although various internships during semester break are mostly not mandatory, taking advantage of one can give you an insight into the various professional options for your future, and help you establish valuable contacts with a company or companies.

If you want to determine the topic of your thesis yourself, early in the process, you should see to having a word with your lecturer at the college on your proposed topic. Many departments provide lists of topics, but most teachers are open to students’ own proposals. By showing interest in the topic and regularly meeting and having discussions with your supervisor, you can often positively influence your final grades.