Legal scholars are concerned with the interpretation and application of laws. Let us write your thesis in legal studies!

General information about legal studies

The law covers a broad field of study that deals with legal norms, with their history, origin, application and importance. Besides striving for careers as lawyers or judges, professional legal studies include subjects such as business law, labor and administrative matters. During law school, meaning pure jurisprudence that concludes with the state exam, other jurisprudential studies can also be taken as a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. Many courses are interdisciplinary in nature and combine knowledge from different disciplines. These include business law, IT law and medical law. In the first semesters, the different programs usually deal with jurisprudential basics such as public law, criminal law or legal theory and history. When it comes to the master’s program, specialization is already occurring. Especially in the field of law, there are many university offers that foster international relations and can establish contacts for a semester abroad or for a career abroad. International specialization options include European Law, International Law and Human Rights.

Following the successful completion of studies, legal scholars work at home and abroad in companies that have their own legal departments, as well as in industrial companies, banks or insurance companies. A career in public service or as a business consultant is also possible, however. Anyone interested in research usually stays at the university or enters a private research company. Graduates of law, meaning those that pass the bar exams, work as a judges, prosecutors or lawyers in private practice.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

Since many jurisprudential courses are interdisciplinary, many subjects that are covered in a bachelor’s or master’s thesis also deal with issues that affect more than one departmental faculty. Our authors can look back on long professional experience in addition to an academic career. In their daily work, they deal regularly with multidisciplinary contexts and are also well versed in the basic literature. Current publications can provide valuable impulses for your thesis – from the narrowing of the topic right through to the preparation of the working hypotheses. In cooperation with one of our ghostwriters, take advantage of the knowledge and experience that many students lack towards the end of their studies. Our authors can easily make connections that you may only be able to work out with difficulty and can help accelerate the development process of your thesis. This is especially advantageous when you need to meet tight deadlines or have to finish your studies in a certain time frame in order then to enter professional life or to go abroad.

If you aren’t solely wanting to work on a purely theoretical question in your thesis, you can also write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis while working in cooperation with a company. In both cases, we can support you throughout the entire time needed to complete your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Usually we start with a narrowing of the topic and defining the central question. We then create a detailed bibliography and start with the perspectives and excerpting of relevant works. We can take over the evaluation of the results that you receive while you are working in a company and incorporate them in the written text for your thesis. The conclusion of our participation constitutes a professional editing where your work is reviewed in terms of content and structure for errors and possible cases of plagiarism. After all, the work will be published under your own name in the end.

Tips for a successful thesis in legal studies

A successful law degree opens up many doors in many professions. A carefully chosen topic for your final thesis can be a great benefit in this respect. For example, if you intend to pursue a career abroad, it makes sense to select a topic that touches international law. You may also want to write the work in English to help draw greater international attention to your work. We encourage you to clarify all the important questions in advance with your lecturer who is supervising your work at the university or college.

Make sure to have an intensive preliminary discussion or submit an exposé of your theories before beginning the topic search. Even during the period of actual writing period, it is advisable to regularly seek dialogue with your supervisor and to clarify any questions and problems. The more interest and commitment you demonstrate, the more positively it will affect your final grade.