Operating between the natural sciences and medicine: Biochemists work in an interdisciplinary way. Let us write your thesis in biochemistry!

The study of biochemistry not only requires multidisciplinary interest, but also the willingness to spend a lot of time in the laboratory. The opportunities to specialize are numerous and cover many areas of interest. Our ghostwriters assist you in achieving your bachelor’s or master’s thesis so you can press on to completing your studies, even when facing time constraints.

General information about biochemistry studies

Biochemistry studies different disciplines as part of various fields of study. In addition to biology and chemistry and mathematics, physics and medicine are also on the student’s schedule. Similar to the biology, biochemistry deals with the basics of life – however, at the molecular level. Therefore, the study includes several internships in the laboratory. Besides compulsory work in the laboratory, students are usually advised to gain voluntary work experience in the industry. It is there that valuable contacts for one’s future career or thesis topics may emerge, in addition to greater immersion in the context of content learned during studies.

The biochemistry degree program is offered at most universities as an independent Bachelor’s/Master’s program. At some universities, however, a Bachelor’s degree in biology or chemistry leads to a specialization in the Master’s degree in Biochemistry. Possible technical specializations include medical biochemistry, neurochemistry or immune biochemistry. A thesis must be delivered to complete one’s studies. This bachelor’s or master’s thesis usually contains a theoretical and a practical part, the latter of which may be done in a laboratory or in a company, depending on the topic.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

Since the introduction of the Bachelor’s/Master’s programs under the framework of the Bologna reforms, time pressure in studies has grown disproportionately. This is especially true in fields of study that require a practical part of the thesis, and the tight study plan causes additional time constraints. If you want to take up the challenge of your thesis with the support of experienced experts, our ghostwriters can assist you with your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. From topic selection through the literature search to the actual writing and proofreading, we can take the weight off your shoulders. We work with you according to your schedule and remain in touch in close touch with you throughout the development process.

Depending on how actively and intensively you wish to be included in preparing your thesis, it is advisable that you get in touch with early on when you are choosing your topic. Our ghostwriters have an academic background, but also are very aware of professional practice. They can advise you in narrowing down your topic and you will benefit from our experts’ knowledge of the latest developments in the market and in the industry. Once you have determined your topic and it has been confirmed by your supervising faculty, we start with a comprehensive literature search, which is the basis for the theoretical part of your job. Based on this, our authors adjust the prospective central question again and help you develop an outline. While you are conducting practical research in the laboratory or in a company, our ghostwriters can already start with the writing phase. Also during this phase, the work is constantly being reviewed, taking new insights into account. Before receiving your work from us, we take care to conduct professional proofreading and formatting according to the specifications of your chair.

Tips for a successful thesis in biochemistry

Whether for a career at a university or in business – successfully graduating is the first prerequisite for entering professional life. For this reason alone, you should choose a topic for your thesis that is both in your area of interest and aligns with your career goals as well. A strategically selected thesis topic can often facilitate getting a first job in a company. We encourage you to think through the practical part of your work as well. Important contacts for beginning your career can emerge from working in a company.

You should already have a discussion with the supervising faculty at your university at an early stage in the process. Inform yourself about possible topics and feel free to suggest your own ideas. Personal initiative and interest are generally rated positively and are often considered when the final grade is being assigned. Although we relieve you of much of the work, making arrangements with your lecturer and conducting practical research are still your areas of responsibility. We jump in again when it comes to the actual writing process. We attach great importance to privacy and confidentiality so that in the end you receive a work that is both free of plagiarism and unique.