Numbers are the focus of mathematics studies. We can support you in writing your thesis in mathematics!

General information about studying mathematics

Anyone who thinks the study of mathematics is solely geared to a career in teaching, is wrong. Mathematicians working in many areas in industry, in medicine and in business. Mathematics is one of the oldest sciences and revolves around calculations that were probably carried out long before the masters of antiquity. In studying mathematics, students explore numbers, shapes, and the inner relationship between abstract structures. The study is generally offered as a two-step course in the framework of the Bachelor’s/Master’s system and usually takes 10 semesters of study. The basic course includes knowledge from the fields of algebra, analysis, numerical mathematics and geometry. In later semesters, students can specialize in individual areas of mathematics. These include applied mathematics with the modules of stochastics, numerics and optimization, pure mathematics with the modules analysis, algebra and geometry, and statistics, business mathematics and biomathematics. At many universities, complementary subjects such as computer science, physics, chemistry and business administration can also be taken.

In addition to the Master’s in Education (M.Ed.), which qualifies graduates for teaching, a Master’s of Science (M.Sc.) is also possible in the area of mathematics. Students who opt for this route often end up working in aerospace engineering, in the automotive industry or in medical research after the conclusion of their studies. But a career in insurance, banking, or as a business consultant is possible.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

Mathematics is a part of everyday life, and more than one might realize at first thought. Mathematical calculations are essential, both for resolving everyday issues, as well as for use in modern technologies. In later semesters, the study of mathematics is no longer about concrete calculations, but rather solving mathematical problems that require abstract thinking and discipline in dealing with definitions and proofs. Above all, very specific mathematical formula language that consists of variables, constants and functions is applied, and this provides many students with a challenge when preparing their bachelor’s or master’s thesis. If you want to rely on the help of experienced academicians in writing and developing your thesis, this is where we enter the picture. Our ghostwriters can help right away when it comes to narrowing your topic for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis and can already bring valuable knowledge from their many years of academic experience to the table. Once you have discussed the issue with the respective responsible lecturer at the university or college, we start with an intensive literature review, because even a mathematical study work is based on a theoretical background. Our writers are experienced both in the calculation of mathematical formulas as well as in the screening of literature. Since they not only have an academic record, but are also firmly established professionally, they work routinely and efficiently on questions and solutions to problems and are well-trained when it comes to linking concepts.

Following the literature review, the actual drafting of the thesis begins. Working on a mathematical problem not only requires compilation of relevant information, but also the definition and calculation of mathematical formulas that lead to answering that question. Thanks to their daily interaction with numbers and formulas, our ghostwriters can also assist in this regard, and can give you valuable tips. Of course, we can also take over the actual writing of the text, as well as proofreading and formatting of your work, in order to submit a final paper at the end, which is unique, flawless and free of plagiarism.

Tips for a successful thesis in mathematics

Depending on whether you see your future career in education or in business or industry, you should also select the topic of your thesis with this in mind. For a Master’s in Education, a topic is recommended that touches on teaching on a broader scale, and direct experience at a school is recommended. If you aim to start a career in industry, medicine or business, you should choose a topic that suits the area for which you are interested. For working in an appropriate research field for your thesis may go quite a distance to facilitating entry into a company after graduation. Many colleges issue topic lists for theses.

But if you have your own idea for a topic to cover, have a talk with your instructor or mentor. In general, most teachers are open to their students’ suggestions for topics and evaluate personal initiative positively. However, no matter what you choose for your topic, we recommend you to make precise arrangements with your lecturer on the content and scope of work.