Historians explore our past. We can write your thesis in History!

Political processes, world-changing events, economic development and social movements – this the realm of the study of history. Germany and Europe are not always in the foreground, because these days, global connections are becoming increasingly important. In addition to the substantive study of the three epochs of ancient, medieval and modern times, this discipline also covers contemporary times since the end of the First or Second World War.

General information on studying History

Rather than just cramming dates, students in History develop a basic understanding of political, social and economic contexts. Using critical analysis and assessment, knowledge about historical events and currents can be gained from the methodical exploration of the past. In order to apply historiographical research methods properly, students use so-called auxiliary sciences in addition to original, primary sources. These include chronology, genealogy, diplomatics and paleography. In addition, the student will need a comprehensive knowledge of human history to integrate their findings into historical context. These include the history of the church, art, law, economics and social history.
Following the successful completion of studying history, graduates have several opportunities: Many historians choose the teaching profession and teach at schools or in adult education. In addition to a career in journalism, careers are also possible in museums, archives or parties and associations.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

In addition to the endless supply of historical events, many students of the historical sciences find themselves confronted with a mass of secondary literature. Particularly in the thesis, it is important to separate the relevant from the irrelevant literature and to do clean research. Our ghostwriters not only have long academic experience, but are also trained to logically combine content and connect knowledge from other sciences with your bachelor’s or master’s thesis topic or to make translations of original sources in other languages. No matter whether you are striving to achieve a dissertation, thesis or doctoral aim: The workload is immense and if you feel a bit overwhelmed or simply have too little time, you are in good hands with our authors. We will help you narrow your topic to the fundamental aspects and create a detailed list of references for you – of course, on the basis of relevant bibliographies.

In close cooperation with you, we first customize excerpts of major works and take the next step like doing the writing and proofreading for you. However, you should be very familiar with the subject and the content. Especially when it comes to a thesis, a defense before an examination committee is common. Therefore, it is useful if you revisit the ghostwriter’s text and take enough time to provide it with your own personal touch. After all, the work is going to be published under your name. In our work, we place the highest value on discretion and data protection, so that you can submit a work to your department that is not only plagiarism free, but is also unique.

Tips for submitting a successful History thesis

Throughout your studies, you have already decided whether you wish to become a teacher or want to enter a profession, and have selected corresponding priorities. For the teaching profession, your thesis should touch on a topic that can work well educationally, but this is not a must. Generally, you should choose a topic that interests you personally – this ensures that it will be all the easier for you to develop motivation for research into the sources and surveys of the secondary literature.
We recommend that you talk to the mentor at your university you want to be a supervisor early in the process, and discuss your possible topical choices with him. Typically, you are permitted to choose a topic in a subject such as history; but sometimes lists are issued with binding suggestions for topics. But if you show interest and contribute your own ideas, this not only helps you gain a closer affinity to your preferred topic, but also generally has a positive effects on your final grade. Even during the working phase, it is important to be in consistent contact with your lecturer.