Clinical Psychologists deal with the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. We can support you in writing your thesis in Clinical Psychology!

General information on studying Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is a traditional subject of psychology studies. The focus of the study program is the medical part of the psychology of diagnosed mental illness and the psychological effects which may effect a physical disability on a person. In the first semesters, the study of Clinical Psychology mainly teaches the students the basics that they need for their later specialization. The basic course imparts knowledge about mental illnesses and disorders and teaches the basics of psychology and psychopathology. During their studies, students can choose their own priorities to deepen their knowledge in the subjects that are relevant to the chosen profession. Possible specializations include prevention and treatment of mental disorders, intervention techniques, developmental psychology or neuropsychology.

Successfully completed studies in Clinical Psychology equip students to conduct diagnoses, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. The professional field is spread over the whole of society: Clinical Psychologists treat children, adolescents and adults as well as old people. The profession of psychologist may be practiced in institutions involved in social and judicial system or in hospitals, among others. After studying, it is also possible to start training as a psychotherapist.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

The Clinical Psychology Program is offered at most universities and colleges as a two-stage Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program. For students, the double hurdle of the bachelor’s and master’s thesis involved a great deal of pressure, because for most, despite the increased workload, they still want to complete their studies within the normal period. In order to help you achieve this even in difficult circumstances and under real time constraints, our ghostwriters can come alongside you and help create your thesis with you, or for you. Our writers have years of academic experience and are trained to deal with case studies and empirical work. This is because theses in Clinical Psychology often have empirical content for which surveys must be created, conducted and evaluated.

Our ghostwriters help you narrow down the topic and to prepare a presentation that already usually contains a preliminary content structure for the work. Already during this phase, we create a bibliography of works that are relevant to the treatment of the topic and formulate various working hypotheses that form the basis of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. If you have little time or need to prepare for exams, we take over the entire production process of your thesis, from the literature research to the writing and to editing and formatting. Before we begin writing, we discuss the exact outline with you. Of course, you can review the current state of the work and contribute your own ideas. So that you ultimately submit a text that is both unique and free from errors and plagiarism, our experts review and proofread it intensively after the writing phase has concluded. Throughout the process we maintain the utmost discretion and privacy.

Tips for submitting a successful thesis in Clinical Psychology

Theses in Clinical Psychology cover the entire scope of the study content. Often, departments will provide lists of possible topics for the thesis. This already gives an indication as to which topics are currently interesting for research. Because you not are not only completing your studies with your thesis, but what you submit can also affect your future career, it makes sense that you select a topic that is personally of interest to you. But quite aside from topic lists, many lecturers are often open to topic suggestions. Take the opportunity to propose a research-relevant topic. This will demonstrate your interest and may have a very positive influence on your final grade.

Often, Clinical Psychology students must defend their thesis orally before a colloquium after submission and examination by the lecturer. Our ghostwriters will also support you at this stage of your thesis so that you are well prepared for this exam. The presentation of your thesis before a colloquium primarily serves as an opportunity to discuss your findings with colleagues who already have practical experience in the relevant field.