You have a lot to do and feel a bit spread thin? Let us proofread your assignments!

Term paper assignments are among the usual tasks that students have to complete in the course of their studies that instructors then use to gauge performance and for which students typically receive grades throughout their seminars. Bachelor’s and master’s degree courses are modular; students earn a certain number of credit points for each lecture and each conference attended as well as each assignment completed. To get these points, students complete the courses with exams, oral exams or written assignments. Term paper assignments are mainly used in the humanities and social science fields to gauge performance. In the course of your studies as an academically oriented student, you will write many assignments and seminar papers that gradually become more extensive and complex in terms of content required. A term paper offers students the opportunity to gradually begin creating a body of written academic work. While the topics for term papers in the first semesters are still short and simple, increasingly complex assignments prepare you the bachelor’s, master’s or graduate thesis which will be many times more difficult to write and develop. With an experienced editor who intensively reviews and revises your assignment before delivery, you can learn to effectively sidestep pitfalls and other difficulties in the preparation of a term paper assignment.

What services are covered in the editing of a term paper assignment?

The first impression counts: In order to prevent the first pages of your term paper assignment making a negative impression with the reviewers, it should of course be error-free linguistically. Misspellings, grammatical gaffes and punctuation inserted where it doesn’t belong can certainly reduce reading pleasure by several degrees. Therefore, the revision of these errors take precedence with us, yet nevertheless forms only a small part of the services we offer that cover the editing of a term paper assignment.

Once spelling and grammar have been thoroughly reviewed, the style of the language employed takes center stage. An academic paper should possess a high level of linguistic competence while applying the terminology of the respective field of study in an appropriate manner. When students spend time writing for a longer period of time on their term paper assignment, it can easily happen that the style changes linguistically to a great degree, because it is not always easy to formulate sophisticated, complex academic ideas. Our editors adapt the style of speech across the board and at a high level, where the experience of dealing with the presentation and interpretation of research results still proves difficult and they make sure that your assignment has a common thread in the form of a logically structured argument. In addition, in the course of our editing we will check your citation methods, your footnotes and the bibliography. A detailed feedback and a plagiarism check rounds off our service.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

The essential difference between these two forms of editing is distinguishable within the scope of services. While editing covers the full range of academic proofreading including style, reviewing content and feedback, proofreading itself is less extensive in nature. Proofreading refers to correcting errors that help your term paper assignments attain a better readability: orthography (spelling), grammar and punctuation are an all-important part and parcel of how your term paper assignment is graded. Also, convoluted sentences that are not quite coherent at first reading should be avoided and can also be detected and adjusted as part of the proofreading process. Editing, on the other hand, delves much deeper into the work than proofreading. The content-related review of your term paper assignment by an experienced editor who is familiar to your area of expertise can identify and help you revise it effectively and improve weaknesses in your work.

How does term paper assignment editing work?

Most papers have to be developed and delivered within a specified time frame. But even if your teacher at a particular institution has not fixed a deadline, it is still useful to set one for your own purposes. If you engage us to revise and edit your paper, we will strictly adhere to the date when you must submit the work; we want to support you so that you can calmly work on your writing assignment in relaxed way within the prescribed period. Our staff is there for you, even on short notice, and can edit your assignment even if it has to be done from one day to the next, or on the weekend.

Our editors work in a transparent way so that you can clearly see the tracked changes when you receive the assignment back from us. Colored sections with changes and inserted comments give you the opportunity to improve your assignment yourself. Of course, you can also implement your own changes after the edit has been delivered, lending your assignment a personal touch. Our editors can also provide detailed feedback as well as delivering an assessment of your paper regarding the language used and content corrections undertaken. In so doing, they will indicate any weaknesses or transitional errors that you should revise prior to submitting your work. Finally, a thorough plagiarism check ensures that all quotes have been properly identified.