Economic issues are at the center of finance. We can support you in writing your thesis!

At most universities, financial studies are a branch of economics. Closely associated with the study of Economics (VWL), financial studies deal with economic aspects of the public sector of the economy.

General information on studying Finance

The financial sciences are closely linked to the subjects of economic policy and economic theory. Fundamentally, they examine the economics of public budgets. The state and its decisions are at the center of the academic work in this area. In addition to mathematical thinking, understanding of economic and political processes is also importance for this field of study. The program is offered both at universities and at colleges. While a college degree program is created on a rather theoretical level, technical colleges are usually practical and foresee at least one practical semester.

Although the study of the financial sciences is concerned with the financial aspects of a state – i.e., income, expenses, and the tax system – the subject encompasses a much broader range of knowledge. These include observing the nature of different levels of government, the economy’s resources, the ratio of income and employment and the distribution of income and wealth in economic terms. Possible specializations for financial scientists are in numerous specialist areas: In addition to possibly working in the policy and public sector, a career as a consultant or speaker could also be an option in banks, insurance companies or the media sector.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

Although the study of finance is only a sub-discipline of another superordinate subject such as economics, it is still extremely complex. A thesis can quickly become a real challenge, especially if it is going to have a positive influence on one’s professional career in a company or an organization. With the help of our ghostwriters, you not only benefit from their academic experience, but also their professional practice. Our writers are trained to connect the dots with multidisciplinary relationships and fit these into the context of a question. They not only are aware of today’s developments in business and politics, but link these with economic theories and include them in the legal context. Even when narrowing the topic of your thesis and the development of a central question, our writers are well versed in the appropriate technical literature and current magazines and journals and combine this in the second step of cooperation – with the assistance of relevant bibliographies – in compiling an extensive literature list. Of course, you can see this list at any time and supplement it with your own suggestions.

If you want to write your thesis yourself on the basis of the prepared literature, our ghostwriters will remain available for you to consult with at any time. Since the financial sciences touch on so many other disciplines, it is useful to investigate the context of the topic carefully and make as many connections as possible so that a work is ultimately created that is as diverse and contemporary as possible. Our authors can refer to important aspects or current articles in the subject. But if you have limited time and want to complete your studies anyway, we will be happy to take over the complete production of your thesis. In this case, our ghostwriters begin the writing phase following the literature research. After a careful edit, you will once again have the opportunity to revise the text and give it a personal touch before it is formatted to the requirements of your department.

Tips for submitting a successful thesis in financial sciences

To ensure that you meet the large scope departmental needs, we recommend that you select a topic that can be analyzed under as many aspects as possible. It also makes sense to put the central question of the current economic and political developments in context. Nonetheless, the topic should be as interesting as possible in terms of content, because delving into the complex world of public finances requires a high level of motivation and commitment.

Early on, get in touch with your lecturer and discuss as many details as possible about your topic. Also, and while the thesis is being written, it is advisable to regularly meet supervisors and ask questions or get approvals for possible adjustments to the central question. And even if we assume the paperwork for you, you should know the content of your work well: This is especially important if you are applying to a company or organization with your thesis.