Is the structure of your essay giving you a headache? Let us edit your essay!

The essay is used in many fields of study as part of compulsory examinations. It’s usually shorter than a term paper and has less formal requirements associated with it. Nevertheless, structuring and writing an essay is quite difficult because its creation is connected with a degree of effort that goes well beyond the pure writing of the work: The challenge of an academic essay lies within its trenchant expression and reasoning, which is largely free of the academic methodology employed in classical academic papers. Most students, however, find writing a paper much easier since they can better orient themselves to fixed targets in terms of research, structure and citation and can gauge the workload much easier. If you find the form of the academic essay a bit disconcerting, you can rely on our professional and experienced editors. We revise and professionally comment on your essay and help you to create an academically high-quality work that you can confidently submit within the specified deadline at your university.

What services are included in the editing of an essay?

When editing an essay, our editors focus their attention on the fact that an essay is a very special form of written text. Unlike an assignment or seminar work, it is much rather an experimental form that does not have to comply with the structural requirements of other academic work. Unlike a term paper assignment, two things in particular are important in an essay: Firstly, a clearly recognizable line of argument, and secondly, a trenchant linguistic expression that highlights the academic knowledge supporting the essay by employing a strong introductory argument.

Our editors revise your text critically so that your essay satisfies these requirements. The common thread representing the argument structure should always be identifiable, which is why our experts pay precise attention to this especially. Based on their many years of academic experience, they can provide you with valuable assistance and advise you on how to formulate your argument even more precisely. Finally, due to the restricted length in an essay, it is important not to digress from the topic, but to clearly move from one argument to the next. In addition, our editors hone your linguistic expression and raise your writing to a higher academic level. The art of an essay lies in clearly and understandably formulating results using appealing, aesthetic language. Basic corrections such as the revision of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors complete our proofreading service, and we always strictly maintain your privacy and protect your personal data!

What does the editing of an essay entail?

When it comes to writing an essay, many students already engage the support of a professional ghostwriter. The special requirements for this type of text require that the best possible support be arranged well ahead of time – a ghostwriter not only helps in terms of research, but also shows you how to linguistically formulate your essay appropriately. In this instance, essay editing is already included in your order request and is seamlessly connected to the creation of the text. Of course, you even have the option of formulating your essay yourself and then using our proofreading to polish the text.

We attach great importance to the fact that we can provide you with an editor who is not only well versed in academic work, but is also well very familiar with your particular field. The less time there is before submission of your work, however, the more difficult it can be to find the appropriate editor. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us with your concerns at an early stage and let us know the approximate time we’ll have to deliver the edit. We can then already begin searching for the expert who can best handle your essay topic. However, we do of course handle short-term requests with the same expertise, even when time is of the essence!

Once we have received your essay, our editors will begin the review and revision. In the process, they’ll examine your text both in terms of the technical correctness and logical argumentation structure as well as regarding form and content errors. In an essay, the style of speech is placed front and center; ultimately, it is the language itself that must demonstrate results in a pointedly aesthetic way when it comes to this truncated form of academic writing. You receive a corrected text from us wherein you can track all changes our editors have highlighted in all the places where they have inserted or deleted something. Using comments, they also indicate possible problems in your reasoning or in the basic structure of the essay. As part of a detailed feedback, our editors also conduct an assessment of your work and again offer you advice as to how to improve your essay in order to achieve an even higher academic level. You decide which changes you wish to make before submitting the essay to your university. Of course, our editors are available anytime and can readily answer any questions about the editing or other difficulties, such as the formal structure.