You want to give your project assignment a professional finishing touch? Let us edit your project work!

A project differs from a classic term paper assignment primarily in the fact that you do not necessarily have to write it by yourself. Under the auspices of such work, you can combine the theory that you’ve learned in your studies with the practical aspects of your subject. Quite often, project assignments also encompass group work, which can have both benefits and disadvantages as well. Academic research conducted in a specific project in a working group can on the one hand enable you to obtain better or more specific results much faster. On the other hand, in a group, some individual participants sit back and leave the work to the others. If individual members endanger the overall grade, a professionally conducted edit can help raise one’s personal grade a few notches higher.

Because a project is often very complex, it is especially useful to seek advice from a ghostwriter or editor when documenting the research results. Depending on whether you need to customize individual written assignments or this will also occur within the group, academic proofreading can be a great help in precisely capturing and presenting the complexity of the topic linguistically and with a high degree of academic acumen.

What services are covered in the editing of a project-based assignment?

The challenge of a project assignment lies in documenting the performance of an entire workgroup in a single large or several smaller written report(s). As in the group itself, the challenge here often lies in the complexity of the task. Depending on the university or the area of study, the written work may vary greatly in terms of form and structure.

Editing of your project work covers various areas that are relevant to the subject of your work. In consultation with us or with your editor, you can receive the precise services you wish – after all, we ultimately want you to submit a project assignment to your university that exactly matches your requirements. Our services include the correction of spelling and grammatical errors, editing by an academic specialist, editing for style and a plagiarism check and formatting according to the specifications of your department. Our editors, who usually have at least one university qualification and many years of experience working on academic projects, will reliably assist you in identifying and adapting weak points in your project. Get in touch – we’ll prepare you an offer tailored to your specific needs!

What forms of editing are there when it comes to a project assignment?

Project work is assessed by your instructors based on a range of different criteria. In addition to the external form used, which can score points just by using the correct formatting and error-free writing, your academic effort should also be apparent. Not only the research, but also the presentation and interpretation of your research results are an important part of your project work and should be conveyed accordingly in a linguistically appealing way underpinned by a sensible line of reasoning. A logical project structure also serves to benefit the success of your work. As part of a proofreading process, our editors review your project assignment for spelling, grammar and punctuation. A comprehensible sentence structure benefits readability and therefore the comprehensibility of your work. The stylistic revision of your work, however, is already considered part of the editorial process. A style edit lends your text an academic, linguistically sound quality that convinces by means of logical transitions from one chapter to the next and within the context of a clear presentation of the contents. In addition, an academic specialist reviews and edits your work in terms of content.

How does the editing of a project assignment actually work?

Since project work usually must be submitted by a fixed deadline, the time for editing is often limited. The earlier you get in touch with us, the more time we have to reserve and select the appropriate editor from our team for your project. We attach great importance to the fact that the editor who corrects your project work should not only be versed in academic work but is also active in your area of expertise. In this way, he can edit your work to an even greater personal degree and you can also offer some tips from professional practice that you can incorporate into your project after editing, elevating it to an even higher academic level. After our editors have done the editing, you receive your project assignment back from us in corrected form. In so doing, our experts make sure you understand every single change based on highlighted (tracked) changes in the text as well as comments, and can make adjustments accordingly. Detailed feedback will help you judge the quality of your work and, where appropriate, identify weaknesses that you should revise again before you submit your work. Of course, our editors are always available in the event of any problems during further work on your assignment.