Your bachelor’s thesis is ready, but still needs the necessary polishing? Let us proofread your bachelor’s thesis!

The bachelor’s thesis is the first important examination that you must provide in your studies in order to graduate and a earn a college degree. In many fields of study, especially in the humanities and social sciences, you will have previously encountered seminar assignments, but a bachelor’s thesis requires academic work at significantly higher level than some assignments that are usually based on the content of a concrete seminar or lecture. Although the bachelor’s thesis is similar to some assignments, it does however exceed it both in terms of the scope and the complexity of the research. So that you can be sure to deliver a high-quality bachelor’s thesis, in the framework of the edit we not only check for careless errors, but also the logical structure and consistency of the work’s content. With our editors on your side, your thesis will receive the necessary polishing that turns a good job into a unique one!

What services are covered in the editing of a bachelor’s thesis?

With a bachelor’s thesis, at the end of your studies you want to prove that you are in a position to apply learned working methods and knowledge in the context of specific academic questions and to present evidence of this in the form of a high quality, written academic paper. Since instruction in methodology at many universities and colleges is too short, many students are also unsure at the end of their studies whether they can meet the requirements. A professional edit is a way to polish the language and content of the thesis yet again, thus increasing the chances of getting a good grade – after all, the grade of the final work is an important step towards a career.

The editing of your bachelor thesis includes a variety of services that you can combine exactly as you want to in agreement with us so that you get the result at the end that does justice to your work, one hundred percent. From correcting the orthographical and grammatical errors to academic proofreading and a check for plagiarism and proper formatting, we are your partners when it comes to academic editing. Our editors can usually look back on a long academic career and are well versed in academic assignments. With their support, you can reliably detect and adjust any weaknesses in your bachelor’s thesis before submitting the work to your university.

What forms of editing are there when it comes to a bachelor’s thesis?

A bachelor’s thesis meets university requirements if on the one hand your academic achievement in the form of research and presentation of results is clearly demonstrable, while on the other, the external structure and form is convincing. Therefore, part of the successful development of a bachelor’s thesis is not only comprised in professional research, but is also a linguistically sophisticated presentation and logically linked structuring of the argument. We are refer to proofreading when it comes to the purely linguistic revision of the bachelor’s thesis. The work is checked for misspellings, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, as well as an easily legible syntax. If sentences too complex and convoluted, they are no longer considered high in quality. On the contrary – the text loses its readability and understanding. A proofreader will definitely sharpen the readability of your thesis, but does not revise the text on a stylistic level. This is just one aspect of editing.

Part of the editing an academic paper includes style editing, which transforms your text in a continuous, high-quality academic style, as well as providing detailed commentary of weaker parts of the assignment. Our editors will highlight sections where e.g. a logical link is missing, the content is not demonstrated clearly enough or a transition between individual chapters should be created. You will also receive individual feedback on the quality of your thesis, so that you even have the possibility of making your own improvements prior to delivery. To avoid having your bachelor’s thesis discqualified because of carelessness, we perform a plagiarism check and review your citations and footnotes and the bibliography for completeness.

How does the editing of a bachelor’s thesis work?

Following the completion of your thesis, there is usually not much time left to do the editing and make changes before the work must be submitted to the university. Therefore, we recommend that you arrange for editing at an early stage, even if your thesis has not yet been completed. If we know the approximate time period when you will need our help, we can assign an editor from our team who is fully versed in your area of study. Of course we are also available if you have a last-minute need for editing.

As soon as we receive your work, our editors will begin the review and revision. You will then receive the document back from us, wherein you can track every single change, tracked in color, and can then make the appropriate adjustments as needed. Our editors are also reachable by phone for any inquiries you might have, and are ready to answer questions and assist in working out solutions in terms of content, for example. We always ensure that your personal information is safe with us!