Human resources (HR) is a branch of economics. Let us write your thesis in human resources and organizational management!

General information on the field of human resources / organizational management

Personnel Management and Human Resources has become more important than ever in the light of increasing internationalization and professionalization of economies. Personnel management in the traditional sense has been replaced by new forms of personnel controlling and personnel development. Degree courses in human resources / organization are offered at various colleges and in various forms. Human Resources or Personnel Management can be studied as an independent study program. In addition to classical studies at a university, some colleges also offer the course as a dual system. In this case, theoretical lessons at the University of Applied Sciences will be complemented by practical sessions in a company. Personnel management is very popular, even as a postgraduate course or elective as part of business studies.

Labor / personnel is the focus of the study as a factor of production. Students deal with how the resource personnel can be optimally used in a company. Therefore, in addition to business basics, other important areas of training include personnel management and development, conflict management, human psychology and skills activation and empowerment. A university degree in human resources/organization enables a graduate to work in a company’s human resources department as well as in professions in personnel management for corporations and for future leadership positions.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

Although the subject and study of human resources / organization has a fairly narrow focus, there are numerous topics in which a thesis can be written. Possible subject areas for the development of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis include organization of work, labor market research or employment relations (operational relationships between employers and employees). Prerequisites for the successful development of a thesis are not only the specific information from an intensive literature review on the topic, but also the basic knowledge of organizational and personnel management theories and processes, as well as basic knowledge of empirical research. In cooperation with one of our professional ghostwriters, you will have a chance to benefit from their knowledge gained in the academic world as well as their professional experience. Our authors are familiar with the relevant literature and are well apprised as to which new publications and international literature is important, much of which often only exists in English. Moreover, they can supplement their technical knowledge through many years of experience and can bring important aspects of practical experience into the process.

If you are unsure how to go about writing a personnel management thesis, our ghostwriters stand ready to advise you in the selection of topics. Quite often, faculties at the universities and colleges publish lists of topics that you can use as a basis for narrowing down your topic. Based on our knowledge of the state of research, we can provide you with valuable tips, for example, as to whether there is enough literature on your chosen topic or whether your proposed topic has already been explored academically in recent years. Once we have narrowed the topic, we work on developing a central working hypothesis with you and creating extensive literature list on the basis of relevant bibliographies. If your work also includes an empirical part, our authors can also assist you with this. Our experts are trained in the working with surveys and questionnaires. Although for reasons of data protection we heavily rely on your cooperation in this area, we can pick up the ball again when it comes to evaluating and writing text based on the results. In addition, we are also at your side when it comes to writing the final paper, the reviewing your text with comprehensive proofreading and formatting your work.

Tips for finishing a successful thesis in the human resources / organization

If you already have a career goal in mind, you will find it useful to address a topic in your thesis that aligns with the professional field you want to pursue. A well chosen thesis topic can often help you stand out when applying for a job and may even open doors for you. Nevertheless, when choosing the topic, we strongly suggest picking one that interests you personally.

When it comes to the subject of personnel management, it is also recommended that one look at the bigger picture. Disciplines such as psychology or sociology play an important role in HR processes and should definitely feature prominently in the reasoning. Before you start working, you should make exact arrangements with your supervisor at the college. Under the auspices of an intensive preliminary discussion, you can discuss the content and scope of your work and also clarify issues and set the direction of your argument.