Architects realize their visions for buildings, streets or entire cities. Let us write your thesis in architecture!

General comments regarding the study of architecture

Designing, planning, building – these are the three major pillars of the architecture. In studying the architecture, students learn the creative process of a constructing a building, from the first drawings to the technical realization. Creativity and technical know-how flow well into architectural work, much as do knowledge of climatic and economic conditions. The power of imagination is also central to architectural studies. The program provides important information on technical requirements such as statics or stability, as well as dealing with computer-aided design software. In addition to building physics, chemistry and theory, subjects such as construction law and construction management are concerned with technical, legal and economic fundamentals that students will need in their future careers. Beyond the theoretical fundamentals, there is also a creative aspect to architectural studies: In technical design, students develop their ideas as a drawing on the computer, or flesh them out as a model and present them for discussion.

The path to achieving a degree in architectural studies differs, depending on the university. While some universities offer a continuous Bachelor’s, at other universities, the program is split into a Bachelor’s/Master’s system. Specializations are possible, for example in the fields of construction/civil engineering, interior design and urban planning. It is only possible to be registered in a national Chamber of Architects with a successful degree and at least two years of professional experience, which in turn is the precondition for the title of architect.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

Our ghostwriters are specialists in their respective fields and have both feet firmly planted in their careers. If you entrust us with your bachelor’s or master’ thesis, you will benefit from the academic background of our experts as well as from their knowledge of current developments in the market. This includes architects that are running their own architectural practice, know the latest trends and have their fingers on the pulse of the times so that they can incorporate current literature from journals or own designs that will help your work have a unique currency about it.

When preparing to write your thesis you would like to benefit from our academic professionals’ expertise, we can get involved as early as you like. Our ghostwriters can already advise you while searching for a topic and can provide valuable knowledge about secondary literature and current discussions. Once you have discussed the topic of your thesis with your instructors at college or university, our ghostwriters initiate a comprehensive literature search, which is the basis for your academic work. Together with you, they develop the creative part of your work, and consider your draft on the basis of legal, climatic and economic requirements. Depending on how intensely you want to participate, we support you throughout the development process of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis: From the search for a topic to research, writing, editing and formatting, we can take over the work on your behalf. We place a high value on privacy and confidentiality for, after all, the work will be published in your own name at the end.

Tips for submitting a successful thesis in architecture

Since architecture is always a combination of practicality and art, the potential subjects for a thesis are often diversified. In a creative subject such as the architecture, It is especially important to find a topic of interest to you. The sooner you identify an instructor to mentor your work, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to suggest a topic of your choice. Moreover, personal initiative always has a positive effect on the judgment.
When searching, you should make sure that there is ample literature on the subject. Research on the Internet and in relevant bibliographies can be quite useful in this respect. We also recommend you search on site: Talk to authorities in historical preservation and building permits, or interview clerks and experienced architects. These conversations can then be incorporated into your work later on.

Achieving a good grade on your final thesis is important, especially if you want to become an independent architect. You can already influence this during your studies: Good academic work and attentive cooperation often flow into the final grade of your thesis.