Social workers help people cope with life. We can support you in your academic work in social work!

General information on studying social work

The focus of the study of social work is the attempt to find solutions to social problems. Important sub-disciplines of the practical program include social pedagogy and welfare. The study of social work is usually mainly offered at colleges. Unlike traditional university degree programs, the studies are aligned in a practical way and allow students to assemble various practical experiences during their studies. Admission requirements for the study of social work therefore additionally include the general university and college entrance exams. In the course of studies, students examine social problems and develop educational and organizational solutions. In so doing, the interdisciplinarily aligned faculty includes other research areas such as psychology and sociology in its considerations. When it comes to the bachelor’s degree, it’s all about basic subjects such as social work, business, psychology, education and law. Possible specializations in the master’s program include social pedagogy, social welfare and social management.

Following the successful completion of studies in social work, graduates often have different career paths open to them. You can pursue a career in family counseling, in the area of ​​state welfare or on the organizational level. The areas of activity are often in institutions of cities and towns or in religious institutions. The tasks of social work cover all ages: social workers work with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. In addition to everyday problems and addiction counseling, their tasks also include debt counseling and working with homeless people.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

The possibilities of finding a topic for a final thesis in Social Work, are as diverse as the area of study itself. Our ghostwriters can already help you beforehand with valuable assistance by advising you on the choice of a topic. Regardless of whether you write your thesis as a purely academic project at the college or university, or if you want to write your thesis as part of your internship in cooperation with a company, our authors will be able to stand at your side as advisors and contact persons throughout the process of working on your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Once you have a topic selected and have agree upon it with your supervisor at the university, we work with you before narrowing down on the main topic and begin researching relevant literature. Our writers are trained in creating academic work and can take on all the tasks related to literature, source research and the evaluation of practical or empirical studies. For instance, when preparing for exams, or pursuing your practical work in the company, we can already being summarizing texts, developing relationships and evaluating the results of your work.

Our ghostwriters do not just have an academic record, but can look back on long professional experience. Thanks to their comprehensive basic knowledge as well as their daily work in the social field, it is easy for them to develop even more complex relationships between the various disciplines of social work. Since social problems can always also often be rooted in other areas, it is equally important to consider the problem at the core of your thesis from a psychological, sociological, legal or economic perspective. Our experts are familiar with both the basic literature and current publications and can provide you valuable insight from their own practical work in addition to outlining relevant contexts. In individual consultation with you, our support for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis covers every phase of narrowing down the topic, from research to writing and revision to proofreading and formatting.

Tips for completing a successful thesis in Social Work

Professional social work is very close to human life and experience. We recommend selecting a topic that interests you personally, especially for the master’s thesis, which concludes your studies. Depending on which career goal you intend to pursue, it may be useful to write the work at the either at university or in a company. At an early stage, determine what kind of thesis you would like to create and inform yourself about jobs or discuss a proposed topic with your supervisor at the college. In the development of a solution-based approach to a social problem, there is rarely only one solution, which is why great emphasis is placed on the argument structure in the evaluation. With regard to this, it is certainly useful to regularly consult with your lecturer. If you inform your mentor regularly about the progress of the work, there is typically time to make appropriate adjustments to the paper.