Political processes and institutions are at the center of political science. Let us write your political science thesis!

General information on the study of political science

Political science seeks to understand the state as a system with all its aspects. Political scientists compare different countries and analyze their political systems, institutions and organizations. The study of political science covers four different areas: political theory, political systems, international relations and comparative politics. Students deal with political processes and the development of policy decisions. Some colleges also include subjects such as economics, sociology, law and security on the timetable. In general, the study of political science follows the Bachelor’s / Master’s system. While the first semesters cover basic knowledge and methods of scientific work, including the presentation of survey results or statistical calculations, students set their own priorities at the latest when tackling the master’s degree.

A political science degree does not necessarily lead to a career in politics. After graduation, many individuals are employed in public administration, others start a career in management consultancy, journalism or in political parties and associations. Since studies at many universities are international in nature, this also opens up career opportunities abroad, for example in the institutions of the European Union or in development policy.

What can we do for you as ghostwriters?

As varied as the subject political science can be, it opens up a myriad of possibilities when pursuing the bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Theories of the state, the interaction of political institutions, the juxtaposition of political systems, political contacts at the international level or the foreign policy of various state systems offer research opportunities that are extremely interdisciplinary. Thus, when it comes to formulating the thesis argument, it should not exclusively touch on political science per se, but also aspects of the disciplines of history, economics, sociology and social psychology. Our ghostwriters have a long-standing academic record and are well established in professional life. For this reason, they know both the basic literature and recent publications in German, English and French, and deal with much of it on a daily basis. Thanks to their own experiences from studies and work, it is completely natural for our authors to point to historical dimensions of a problem or address a political science question in the context of important disciplines. In addition, our ghostwriters are familiar with the legal framework of a constitution and can deliver valuable impetus for your reasoning. To substantiate the hypotheses of your thesis, it is important to use learned scientific methods correctly. Our writers are trained in the production and analysis of surveys and statistics, and can provide valuable assistance to you in this area.

Since the introduction of Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, time constraints on students has increased enormously. If you are pressed for time, for example because you have to prepare for exams but want to complete your studies within the standard timeframe, you can delegate some tasks to our authors. After narrowing down the topic with you, we start with a comprehensive literature review covering relevant bibliographies. Then we create a first outline of your work and start with reviewing and excerpting the literature. In addition, we are also available during the writing phase and edit your thesis in a professional manner. Discretion and privacy are, of course, of the utmost importance to us.

Tips for a successful thesis in political science

In order to identify a topic for your bachelor’s or master’ thesis in political science, it is advisable that you follow daily political reporting and regularly read political magazines. Not only can you receive valuable background information about the workings of government and business, but you may also come across a topic of current interest. Many political science faculties will publish lists with suggestions for topics, but it is nevertheless advisable that you find a topic of your choice.

For example, you can develop an entirely new topic or modify any of the suggested ones. In general, most teachers are open to you making your own suggestions and demonstrating interest, which will typically be viewed positively. To make your thesis as current and interdisciplinary as possible, you should take a look at associated disciplines and view your subject from different angles. Feel free to include contemporary references to your work, but you should not forget that the basics are always rooted in political theory.