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When working on a project assignment, you usually are not required to rely on yourself exclusively. Unlike a course assignment or term paper, a project assignment often involves group work, or is even prescribed. While some students enjoy the fact that when you’re in a team, each person has less work to do, skeptics see the group format as a drawback. Ultimately, the failure of a single group member can already lead to poorer marks across your entire workgroup. Cooperation becomes critical when certain members of the project group become less involved and leave all the work to others. Nevertheless, a project can be an exciting type of academic undertaking because it encourages both individual academic performance and cooperation and exchanges with other students.

What kind of performance is required in project work?

Because several students come together in a project assignment, such an academic undertaking is often very complex. Within the group, applying different perspectives to the subject is advised and, inter alia, developing interdisciplinary contexts as well. The individual phases of group work differ from an individual assignment or thesis to the extent that research within the group is divided and the working group members meet regularly to exchange ideas and discuss results or working hypotheses. When it comes to the project, students needn’t merely put their teamwork to the test, but must also demonstrate on the one hand that they have mastered the theoretical foundations of the field of study, and on the other, can also effectively apply with academic working methods. Ultimately, the aim of the project is often translating the theoretical problem into some sort of a practical application.

The challenge of a project assignment lies in the combination of theoretical knowledge with practical solutions. Therefore, empirical research is often part of a project assignment. To illustrate different aspects of a subject, designing and conducting a survey is often employed as a method, inter alia. The results can stimulate new discussions within the project group and also prove of great relevance for further written elaboration. The textualization of project work serves to summarize the results and prepare for research. Whether the project group draws up a joint design or each member develops his or her own idea depends on the particular requirements of the university.

How does a ghostwriter assist you when writing a project assignment?

Similar to a thesis, our ghostwriters can assume responsibility for different tasks in order to assist you in working out your project assignment. To adequately meet the complexity behind such work, it makes particular sense for students to get help, especially when it comes to written work. To do so, we can provide a ghostwriter from our team of authors who will work at your the side and who has the outstanding knowledge in your field and can expertly respond competently to distinct subject-specific matters. Project assignments are particularly required in application-related fields of study – and even if meting out tasks and the presentation of results to other students occurs within the team, there’s just no getting around the need to prepare a written report. If you have limited time due to other coursework or would simply feel more secure with an expert at your side, we can already provide you during the preparatory work and can relieve you of many shared tasks, enabling you to focus on further work on this or any other project. The assistance provided by our ghostwriters includes, among other things, conducting a literature search and preparing an exposé or essay on the topic. Thanks to many years of academic experience, our authors can complete many of these tasks in a short amount of time and can aid in accelerating your academic progress.

What is the process when working on project assignments with a ghostwriter?

The ghostwriter can jump in at an earlier or a later time in the ongoing process of your project assignment, depending on what time you choose bring us on board. The sooner you contact us with your request, the greater degree of individual care our ghostwriter will be able to provide – but in later stages, too, an expert’s support can provide valuable assistance, such as a professional and formal revision of your already finished results, or providing you with sample texts that you can then use as a template for your own purposes.

When it comes to practical tasks, it is often the documentation of results that proves difficult for many students. It therefore makes sense to include the ghostwriter in the details of the project work quite early on – the more tasks he can take on for you, the better versed he will be in the subject when it comes time to put it all down on paper. However, when writing and reviewing your project assignment, our ghostwriters do not place value on the correct representation of the results alone, but also ensure that your work is academically and convincingly formulated and was created with professional thoroughness. For this reason, a comprehensive edit always follows the written report wherein the finished text is reviewed yet again. It’s not just about spelling and grammatical errors, but also correcting citations, discovering any cases of plagiarism and ensuring there are convincing transitions between the individual chapters.