Your English language work still needs fine-tuning? We can edit or proofread your English language academic work!

“English proofreading” and “editing” is playing an increasingly important role in academic work. No wonder, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and commands global presence. English language theses and dissertations are therefore extremely common in universities, and well beyond just English and American Studies. Particularly when it comes to technical and scientific studies, English is the language in which not only many textbooks are written, but which is also used for examinations and written assignments. Many modern programs such as European Studies are internationally oriented right from the start and are even taught in English; an English language thesis is therefore mandatory. Anyone planning a career abroad or in a large company cannot avoid speaking fluent English – an English language thesis further underpins this knowledge. Even those who would like to work in Germany as a rule must be able to express themselves in writing in English.

What services are included in English proofreading/editing?

For students who are not native English speakers, an English language assignment or thesis is always fraught with difficulties. Even if you have good enough knowledge to write fluently and correctly in a foreign language, to do so at a high academic level is often a real challenge. It’s not enough to simply translate ideas from German into English; such translation normally sounds very stilted and is neither professionally nor academically correct. For this reason, when it comes to English language proofreading and editing, we use English native speakers or editors with experience working in English as a second language. They are as familiar with the English language as they are with academic working methods and can reliably correct your thesis and thereby raise the language level to one that does an English language academic work justice.

English proofreading and editing is as equally holistic as German language editing. From the correction of spelling and punctuation to ensuring flawless grammar and syntax, to avoiding filler words and assuring the usage of uniform spelling and orthography, we can revise your work and naturally do the same in terms of content. In style editing, our English language editors can make adjustments to ensure the correct language level is attained, ensuring that your work is both academically sound and that a common thread runs through the argument. In addition, we of course check the formal requirements, conducting a citation, footnote and plagiarism check. Finally, on request, we can format your thesis and optimize your layout according to your faculty requirements.

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

As with German proofreading, a distinction is made between the English language revision of academic texts in terms of purely linguistic and formal corrections and that of a comprehensive edit. In this case, English language proofreading is equivalent to the same German language proofreading where your work is reviewed for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar and sentence structure. The entire range of editing services related to the content or the style of your work are not included in proofreading, but are rather part of the editing process. Above and beyond just spelling and grammar, editing emphasizes compliance with formal academic standards, such as proper citation and the consistent use of the orthographical differences as applicable to British and American English. Lastly, the revision of your argumentation structure is also a part of editing, as is reviewing the text for possible plagiarism.

How is the proofreading of English language academic work conducted?

In addition to their expert knowledge of the English language, our English editors have at least one university qualification and can look back on a long academic career. Our goal is to provide you with an editor who is not only exceedingly familiar with academic work but is also well versed in your field of study. To enable us to find the best editor for you, we recommend that you begin preparing for the upcoming editing well ahead of time and get in touch with us with your request as soon as possible while still writing your assignment.

While our editors edit your thesis, you can already begin concentrating on further examinations or prepare to begin your career. After a few days, you will receive your work back, corrected, and will then have the opportunity to incorporate the changes and possibly adapt your text again. Tracked changes and comments will help you understand our editor’s comments, and detailed feedback provides valuable input on how to optimize your work even further. Our editors are also available at any time after editing for questions about proofreading, changes or content difficulties. After all, we also want you to submit a job at the end that meets every requirement, 100%.